Audio CD: Reflections On Equestrian Art

Audio CD: Reflections On Equestrian Art

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Audio CD of Nuno Oliveira's book Reflections on Equestrian Art includes three physical CDs in a foldable case. Pop the CD in your car and listen to Nuno as you drive to the barn!


Nuno Oliveira began his riding career with maestro Jonquin Gonzales de Miranda, Master of the Horse to the King of Portugal. In the 1940's he opened his own riding school and soon became an international name in the world of classical equitation. The book emphasizes lightness and harmony, reflecting a deep love and respect for the horse. Times change but classical principles remain. Translated by Phyllis Field. Audio book read by Sara Morsey.


As Sylvia Loch said in her book “Dressage: The Art of Classical Riding,” Nuno Oliveira was "a man who could bring magical steps out of the most ordinary horse, a man who rode like a king, so that his horses carried him like a king."


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Maestro Nuno Oliverira spent his life in the study of classical dressage, which he defines as a conversation with a horse on a higher level, one of courtesy and finesse. Times change but classical principles remain: The horse should be a partner and not a slave. The goal of Equestrian Art is the perfect understanding with our horses, which requires them to be free of mental and physical contraction.

The teaching is not new, but the format–an audiobook–is new. Technology has brought the opportunity to have the Maestro in your ear. The reader’s voice is calm and meditative, reading with clarity, making the text very understandable. Most of the chapters are short, around four minutes, making it an easy aid to listen to in available spurts. It’s truly classical information, delivered in a form that is a contemporary, real-time aid.

The process of learning to ride effectively and kindly is complicated. It takes time and study to comprehend and becomes most complete when all of our senses have a chance to take it in. Meaning we need to see it, think it, feel it, hear it–in order to assimilate it fully. This is a valuable technique to experience the information, quietly in your ear while driving to the barn, or as you are warming up your horse. It offers the classic method both personal and assessable.

The confidence and respect that Oliveira had for horses, and working with them, settles into the listener slowly, without arrogance but with humility. It gives the student a template to begin work, or if this peaceful approach to training is your current method, it will renew your pride in doing correct work, for the love and respect of your horse.

But more than that, listened to in the whole, this audiobook affirms why a philosophy of kindness in training make the horse/rider bond stronger. It explains the reason harshness fails a horse, and how methods using love and respect will always lift a horse and rider above the mundane to a place of art without mental or physical contraction. Another term for that is Oneness.

Anna Blake
Infinity Farm

Anna Blake wrote this review by request for Horse Junkies United, where you may read the entire review and also watch a video of Oliveira. She was not paid, and says this is the only time she will endorse a product. She agreed to this book review because, "I yell these quotes at the top on my lungs in riding lessons, and they just sound so much better here."


"This translated version of Reflections on Equestrian Art, could pivot around one adjective: Eloquence.

Any student of classical art interested in refining skills in painting, would be well-served by studying the works and methods of the Old Masters. As it is with riding, the true essence of the art, refined to mastery generations ago, is virtually unchanged.

Chapter by chapter, through this 3-disc set, the essence of dressage, indeed the true nature of kind, gentle horsemanship, is defined. The intricacy of language parallels intricacy of the equestrian mastery it describes. Such attention to craft is refreshing in a world whirling with social media short forms, and crumbling literacy.

Listening to Sarah Morsey’s elegant voice draws the listener back to quiet attention; “mindfulness,” if you will. This, I think, is the key importance of this recording, for this state of “mindfulness” is where our horses live their lives. It is also the realm we need to bring ourselves to next time we saddle up.

Reflections on Equestrian Art is eloquent, inspirational and timeless; a good tool for the rider who strives to improve."

Jean Abernethy

Equestrian artist/illustrator,
Creator of Fergus The Horse


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